If you have active subscriptions that originated from the Uscreen checkout workflow, we suggest that you remain connected to your current Stripe account, as changing over Stripe accounts, will cause problems with subscription renewal.

However, if you work with Stripe to have your users and user payment information moved over to your new account Stripe account, these problems can be circumvented. Once Stripe has migrated over your user and user payment information to your new Stripe account, we'll need a CSV that includes the customer name, email, Stripe ID from the new account. You can send this csv information to our support team and let the Uscreen support team know that you've migrated over your user data to a new Stripe account and that you'd like to switch your Stripe accounts.

The support team will work with the development team to import this data on our end before you switch to the new Stripe account. This process can take up to 7 to 10 business days.

If you do not migrate customers to the new Stripe account via Stripe, then your existing customers will need to re-enter their payment information after the new Stripe account has been connected.

Otherwise, if you do not have active subscription charges, please send a request to our support team and let the Uscreen support team know that you've read this article and that you don't have active subscriptions. We will then disconnect your current Stripe account so that you can reconnect using your new account.

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