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While we advise against it, it is possible to change Stripe accounts. This article will cover the steps to completing a Stripe account migration.

Switching Stripe Accounts

Switching Stripe accounts while managing active subscriptions can be a challenge, but with the help of Uscreen's Support Team, it can be overcome. This article explains the steps you should take if you need to switch your Stripe account.

Suppose You Have Active Subscriptions

If you have active subscriptions that originated from the Uscreen checkout workflow, then we suggest that you remain connected to your current Stripe account. Changing over Stripe accounts can cause problems with subscription renewal, which is why we recommend against it.

However, if the switch is necessary, then you should work with Stripe to have any existing users and payment information moved over to the new Stripe account before you switch. This is especially important if you don't want your users to have to re-enter their payment information when they attempt to make a new purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the migration of stripe accounts, please contact Stripe Support.

Once you have successfully transferred your users and payment information over to the new Stripe account, you can open a ticket with our Support Team and request for your current account to be disconnected. After this is completed, you will then be able to connect to the new account and your subscriptions should continue to be charged.

Note: You may experience issues with subscription plans if your migration did not complete 100% successfully. Please make sure you have verified that your customer data was successfully migrated to your new Stripe account prior to connecting the new Stripe account to your Uscreen account.

You Don’t Have Active Subscriptions

If you do not have any active subscription charges or payments, then you can contact our support team and let them know that you've read this article and don't have any active subscriptions. Once this has been confirmed, we will be able to disconnect your current Stripe account so that you can reconnect to the new one.


Switching over to a new Stripe account can be challenging and, depending on your situation, it can lead to issues with subscription renewal. Therefore, we highly recommend that you only do this when absolutely necessary. Additionally, if you do decide to switch over, then it is essential that you move any active users and payment information over to the new account beforehand.

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