Forms can be a great way to collect feedback from your customers or provide an easy way for your customers to contact you. You can embed a form on any of your custom pages.

There are a number of form/quiz providers including Online Quiz Creator, Typeform, Quiz Bean, GSuite for Quizzes, and Google Forms.

We'll use Google Forms in our example since it's free.


Click on Send in your form and you'll see an embed icon. We're going to copy the embed HTML from here.

Now let's add it to a custom page.


Navigate to Customization > Pages and click the Eye Icon on the page you want to embed your form. Then click the HTML Icon, find where you want your form to appear and paste it in. Once you click HTML Icon again you'll see how your forms look embedded. Make sure the template option is set to Page, then you can Save your changes and preview your storefront to see how it looks.

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