The list below includes a few developers who understand Uscreen and often times work with Uscreen customers. By customizing your site, please note that any custom development built by these developers is not supported by Uscreen, as you are customizing the platform outside of our support.

You may also use any other developer you choose as long as they understand HTML/CSS/Liquid as well as Javascript.

Please note any changes to common pages (sign in, sign up, checkout, video, and catalog pages) are completely at your own risk. You may risk breaking these pages if modifications are made to them from an outside developer. Any system-wide changes from our side may also impact custom changes on these pages and we are not responsible for the impact it may have on your customizations.

3rd Party Developers on Upwork -

Go to and set up an account and hire one of these developers if you're looking for affordable rates from freelancers:

Other 3rd party Developers -

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