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When to Contact Support

Our support team is available to assist you! If you encounter any issues with the Uscreen Platform, such as problems uploading new videos, encountering error messages, or facing difficulty with your catalog, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Our support team's primary hours are Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm Eastern.

How to Contact Support

Direct Messaging

Getting in touch with Uscreen support has never been easier. Once you have logged in to your Uscreen account, you will notice a support icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. If you are unable to locate it immediately, try refreshing your browser. Messaging us from your account is the quickest and most efficient way to get the assistance you need. In some cases, you will receive immediate answers.

Once you click on the icon, it will give the following options:

You can search our help center for any relevant documentation that might quickly answer your questions or you can click on "Ask a question" to get instant answers or message a member of our team. We typically respond to messages within 30 minutes.

Email Support

If you can't access your Admin Area, you can email us directly at We typically respond to emails within 4 hours.

Need billing support? contact to ask questions about your Uscreen account billing.

NOTE: Email Support is not prioritized by our support systems. For the quickest support, please submit a message directly from your account admin area.

Note: Be sure to only contact us from the email associated with your Uscreen account. We take account security very seriously and we're unable to assist you with your account if you contact us from an unknown email address.

What to include in your message to support

To help expedite your support inquiry please include as much of the following information as possible.

  1. Details of the Issue: A clear and concise description of the problem you are facing. This should include any error messages, unusual behavior, or any specific actions that led to the issue.

  2. Affected Users' Information: Have an issue with a specific customer of yours? Include the names and email addresses of the individuals experiencing the problem. This will help in identifying the scope of the issue and facilitate targeted troubleshooting.

  3. Previous Investigations Conducted: Any steps you have already taken to resolve the issue on your own. This will prevent the support team from suggesting solutions that have already been attempted.

  4. Relevant Screenshots or Error Messages: Visual aids, such as screenshots or error messages, can provide valuable context for the support team and expedite the troubleshooting process.

  5. Device and System Information: Details about the device, operating system, and software versions being used. This information is crucial for diagnosing compatibility issues and providing appropriate solutions.

End User Support

Looking for help supporting your customers directly? We offer End User Support services to customers on our Plus plan as an upgrade. Please reach out to your success manager for more information or contact

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