All invoices are displayed with a status reflecting whether the invoice is paid, unpaid, overdue, refunded, or forgiven. The customer invoice statuses can be found on the Sales tab and on the Invoice tab of the detailed customer view.

On the Sales tab:


On the Invoice tab on the detailed customer view:

Paid - Payment has been successfully collected.

Unpaid - The invoice has been created, but payment has not been successfully collected. NOTE: Invoices may be marked as unpaid while payment collection is in process. It may take up to 24 hours for invoices to switch over to paid status. During the Unpaid status, a user will see an on hold splash page when they log in, which will prompt them to remit updated payment. They will not be able to continue to view content until payment is successfully obtained.

For unpaid invoices, the re-attempt cycle occurs on the following schedule:

+ 3-4 days, re-attempt.

+ 3-4 days, re-attempt.

+ 7 days, re-attempt.

+ 7 days, re-attempt.

Then, in some instance, we may try a final time. If we do, it occurs between 3-7 days from the last.

NOTE: If a customer has canceled their subscription, or if a site admin has canceled the customer's subscription, and the customer has an unpaid invoice, the unpaid invoice will not be re-attempted and the invoice status will remain unpaid. It will not move to overdue, as the subscription access has been canceled.

Overdue - Multiple attempts have been made to collect payment, but payment has not been successfully collected after about 30 days from the original due date. NOTE: This often occurs when customers need to update their payment information and they have not logged in to see the on hold, remit payment prompt. In this instance, that payment prompt goes away, and the user no longer has a subscription associated to their account.

Refunded - A full refund has been initiated from the admin site.

Forgiven - Invoice was forgiven. This can only be set on an invoice that is unpaid.

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