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Abandoned Cart Overview
Updated over a week ago

You've had it happen to you before. You're about to buy something online, the checkout page is open, you've entered your address, your payment information, and that confirm button is staring right back at you. But for whatever reason, you don't make the purchase. Maybe you think it's not the right time, or that you should think more about it.

Then just a few moments later, you get an email: You didn't complete your purchase, want 10% off?

These abandoned cart offer emails work. Research shows that 7/10 customers fail to complete purchases after adding items to their cart. With our Abandoned Cart feature, you can entice some of those people back with a customizable email and discount offer.

We have divided this process into three different emails. Since users will need to insert their contact info before adding their payment info, we can remind them through email about their missed purchase.

We will begin the abandoned cart process 15 minutes after users have not made a payment. The first email will not offer a discount straight away, but it will be a reminder that they forgot to complete the purchase.

The second email is sent out 6 hours after the first email if the user hasn't yet purchased access to content. This email will already include the discount amount you have chosen for this automation.

The third email will be sent 24 hours after the second email if the user still hasn't made the purchase. The email will once again offer the discount and create urgency by telling the user they only have 24 hours to claim the offered discount.

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