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Marketing Overview

Learn about our Marketing tools!

Updated over a week ago

You can access the Marketing tab through the Marketing link found on the left sidebar in the Admin dashboard

On this Marketing tab, you can enable several powerful marketing features to increase your revenue.

These features include:

Generate Leads

YouTube Lead Generator:

Nurture your YouTube audience by capturing emails through your lead generation URL.

Giveaway funnels:

Create a giveaway to turn leads into subscribers with a discounted offer.

Landing pages:

Build personalized landing pages to add to your storefront.

Refer a friend:

Let users refer friends and family to earn a free 30 day subscription.

Nurture Audience

Email Broadcasts:

Send segmented emails to your users.

Subscription upsell:

Offer users a discount for a longer term plan during checkout.

Gift cards:

See a list of purchased and redeemed gift cards.

Abandoned cart:

Encourage users to complete their purchase if they abandon the checkout.


Create discounts to encourage new purchases.

Push notifications:

Send short announcements to your mobile app users.


Reduce churn:

Prevent cancellations and collect user feedback.

Try again for free:

Win back former subscribers with another free trial.

Looking to change the store name in your emails?

The from name in your emails will automatically carry over from your Store name. You can adjust your store name by clicking here and updating your store name in your General Settings.

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