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Drip Integration
Updated over a week ago

Drip is a marketing automation tool meant for ecommerce. It's a great integration that pairs well with Uscreen. We send the following data points to Drip so that you can build email campaigns around them:

  • user email

  • user name

  • user subscription status

  • user country

  • invoices sent

You're going to need two pieces of information from drip to connect to Uscreen, the account number and API key.

Once you've setup your account Drip you should be displayed with a dashboard like the following:

To obtain your account number, click the Settings tab and then Account:

Once on the Account window, scroll down until you find your Account ID:

To obtain your API key, click the Settings tab and then User Settings:

Once on the User Settings window, scroll down until you find your API key or Token:

Back in Uscreen you can connect.


Paste in the API Key and the Account Number and you're done! All connected. If you've already got users in Uscreen they will be added automatically into Drip.

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