Getting Started & Setup

Please note, Google Analytics is not the same as Google Analytics E-Commerce. We do not support an integration with Google Analytics E-Commerce.

You can connect Google Analytics directly to your storefront in order to track your visitors. This will enable you to have full insights into visitor behavior on your storefront.

To connect to Google Analytics please follow the next steps:

-Navigate to the Settings and select Integrations

-Find Google Analytics integration and click Connect (if you don't already have a Google Analytics account, sign up for one here.)

-Now head to your Google Analytics account and click on Admin and click on Property Settings.

-Copy the UA code

-Paste the UA code into the Uscreen Google Analytics field and then click on Save Changes.

Technical Specifications for Uscreen's Google Analytics Integration

There is one category and three actions you can track.

Example payload of what will be pushed to Google Analytics:

ga("send", "event", "Checkout", "Choose Offer", "Offer title");

How can I view traffic sources in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics tracks where page views originated on its own accord. To see this data in relation to end-users who enter the Checkout workflow, perform the following steps:

1. Go to Behavior > Events > Overview

2. Select our integration event, which should appear as Checkout

3. In the next view, click on the + Add Segment option

4. In the next view, click on the red 'New Segment' button

5. Chose 'Traffic Sources'

6. Select field values on this view as appropriate for your needs

If you need assistance beyond this, please refer to the online Google Analytics documentation.

Common Questions

1. How can I set up Goals on the /checkout/success page?

The checkout URLs are dynamic and have params appended to the end. You may be able to use some Regex to achieve tracking, but we cannot assist with setting this up; you will need to hire an expert in Regex and Google Analytics.

We suggest using the data layers which you can track with our Google Tag Manager Integration.

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