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HotJar Integration
Updated over a week ago

Hotjar allows you to understand how your customers navigate around your storefront by providing visual heatmaps, session recordings, and even a feedback widget.

When you create a hotjar account, use your Uscreen domain URL when it asks you for your site URL. You may need to add a new site if you have an existing account already:


However, if you've just created the site, go to the Sites & Organizations tab and click on top of the button called: Tracking Code

After clicking that button you will be presented with the following window, where you will need to select and copy the Site ID:

Now, let's add your Site ID into Uscreen.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to HotJar. Click Connect and paste your ID in on the next screen:

You can close this tab, and if you refresh the integrations page, you'll see Connected.

Now back in HotJar, click the Verify Installation button; after clicking the button, it will open your site, and you will need to navigate the catalog page.

After doing so, you should be prompted with the following message on Hotjar:

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