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Add the Abandoned Cart Automation
Add the Abandoned Cart Automation
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The Abandoned Cart automation allows you to send an email to potential users who didn't complete a purchase during the checkout process. Since users will need

You can apply automation to either bundles or subscriptions. Each bundle or subscription can have one automation.

To add the automation, navigate to the Marketing tab and click on the Abandoned cart block.

Select + New Automation to create an automation for one of your offers.

On the New Automation page, choose the offer type, either bundle or subscription, and add a discount amount to offer your users.

For the most part, you can leave the email templates as they are, but feel free to edit them so they match the tone you would like to use. Users will be sent three different emails reminding them to make the purchase.

Finally, click Save and then confirm by clicking Activate Automation.

To understand the process users go through with abandoned carts, please read this article.

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