Add an Image to Email Templates
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Adding custom images and logos to your email templates will improve the look and feel of your emails and boost your brand connection with your users. You can easily add an image to your email templates by uploading Assets and including the asset link in your email template.

Adding an Image Asset

Navigate to the Customization tab, go to Advanced, and select Assets. Click +Upload Asset, select Choose files and find your image file. Once selected, Upload it and you'll be brought back to the assets page.

After you have added an asset, click the Copy Icon.

Adding the Image Asset to an Email

Navigate to Settings, go to Email Templates, select the email you want to add the image to, and click Edit. You'll need to click the Source Icon < >. Don't fret if you haven't used HTML before, we'll help you do it like a pro.

Paste in the following code where you want your image to appear, if you're not sure where to put it, place a new line at the top of all the code:

<img src="">

Now right between those two double quotes, place the URL you copied earlier from your Asset like the following:

<img src=" Image.png">

Click the Source Icon < > again, and you'll see how your image looks. You can drag and drop it around now to where you want it to be. Lastly, Save your changes or Apply & Test it to see what it looks like.

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