When a Reduce Churn automation is enabled, customers attempting to cancel their account will be asked to provide feedback on the reason for cancelling and offered a discount in order to encourage them to keep their subscription.

First, your users will see the feedback form:


Then they'll be offered a discount to continue:


If the user claims the discount they'll get a confirmation page and then be redirected to the catalog:


If the user doesn't claim their discount, the rest of the Reduce Churn automation kicks in.

Users receive a series of two automated emails:


The first email is received immediately upon cancelling while the second goes out a day before the cancellation is finalized. Don't worry, if the user cancels on the last day their subscription is active they won't receive the first email.

Note: In order for customers to redeem this offer, they must be logged into their Uscreen account.

Claimed reduce churn discounts will be displayed in your People section in the admin side:

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