You can enable Reduce Churn automatons for each subscription plan you have active.

Navigate to the Marketing tab, go to the Reduce Churn option, and click New Automation. Under Choose a Subscription, select the plan you want the automation to apply to and set a Discount Amount.

Writing both emails is the final step. We've provided a template for both emails, but they are fully customizable. When changing the text, please remember to not remove the curly brackets and what's inside. After making those changes, please Save them.

We don't support the ability to insert HTML into these emails. This is because data has shown that HTML in the body of emails generally has a 25% lower open rate than plain text. In addition, plain text emails are more likely to be successfully delivered by major email service providers (e.g., Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) as some major email service providers flag emails containing HTML as SPAM.

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