Push Notifications are available for Android & iOS.

  • To receive notifications, users must have notifications enabled on their device.

  • You'll be able to send one message to all users at the same time.

  • Notifications are meant to be a visual prompt to provide information or cue the user to open the app. Focus on the most important information.

To Send Notifications:

1: From Marketing go to Push Notifications.

2: Click Send Notification,

3: Enter Title (60 characters including spaces; automatically uses bold print)

4: Enter Message (175 characters including spaces)

5: Click Send Now.

Creating Push Notifications:

  • Use plain text and emojis.

  • Use the Title as part of message.

  • Don’t repeat information in the title and body.

  • Do NOT use html formatting or special characters (&).

  • These are not recognized and text will appear exactly as entered.


Notifications function differently, but improvements are planned for Android.

  • Notification shows App Icon: iOS-Yes; Android-No

  • Tap notification to open app: iOS-Yes; Android-No

  • Length (# of characters): iOS: Title-45 & Body-175; Android: Title-55 & Body-55

  • Try sending messages using Title (50 characters) and Body (50 characters).

Not Receiving Notifications?
Check Notification Settings: >Device Settings >Notifications >App. If Off, Turn ON.

Do my apps have Push Notifications?

  • Check Status: >Uscreen Dashboard >People Tab >Push Notifications

  • If Apps are Published/Live: If not enabled, click Contact Us to request.

  • If Apps are in Development: You DO NOT need to request. It's automatically enabled for all apps during the development process.

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