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Calendar Push Notification Templates
Calendar Push Notification Templates
Updated over a week ago

Push notifications are a powerful engagement and retention tool. You can send push notifications to your audience members. If you use calendar, you can also configure calendar mobile push notifications.

Uscreen allows you to customize certain calendar related push notifications. This is similar to customizing email templates. Customizing push notification templates is great if you want to:

  • Offer a personal feel to system push notifications

  • Translate the push notifications into a language of your choice

Customize Push Notification Templates

  • First make sure you have enabled calendar mobile push notifications

  • Select the push notification you wish to edit

  • Adjust the title. Text and emoji are allowed. Up to 65 characters.

  • Adjust the body. Text and emoji are allowed. Up to 178 characters. Do not include links. Remember that each calendar push notification will automatically deep link to the associated video, or live event.

  • Save

  • Restore original template if you wish to restore the original engligh default template title and body.

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