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Request a Dev Site
Updated over a week ago

A dev site or sandbox can be useful for preparing a new theme before migrating from an old theme, testing new functionality, or playing around with themes before making changes on your live site. We are happy to provide a dev site free of charge upon request.

Important things to know about dev sites:

  • Dev sites are brand new empty sites, they include only stock content to show what the theme looks like.

  • It is not possible for us to populate the dev site with any content from your live site.

  • We recommend uploading only a handful of short videos (~5 minutes) to see what the site will look like with your content.

  • The dev site can only be used for testing theme customization, you will have to recreate any customizations manually on your live site.

To request a dev site, reach out to our support team at and provide an email to associate with the new dev site. The email provided cannot be associated with your current live site.

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