Delete a Subscription
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Deleting a Subscription is easy, but before doing so, there are a few things you should know:

  • If you delete a subscription, all current users associated with that subscription will lose access to the content in that subscription. After you delete it, users will have to sign up for a new subscription, or you can manually assign them to the content they had access to or assign them to a new subscription.

  • Invoices will no longer be filtered based on that deleted subscription in the Sales tab.

  • Deleting a subscription that is linked to any of your apps is not possible through the site. You will need to email to discuss deleting an in-app subscription.

How to Delete a Subscription

Navigate to the Subscription tab, select which subscription you would like to delete, and click on the three horizontal dots (⋯). On the dropdown menu, click Delete, then confirm by clicking Delete subscription.

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