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Multi-Tiered Subscriptions

Setup and Subscriber Upgrade Experience

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Our tiered subscriptions are designed to be "true tiers", meaning your subscriptions can have a separate set of content per tier. Let's take the example of a 3-tier subscription offer: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze will have a rather small sampling of your content at a lower price point. This lower and more inexpensive tier is a great way to get your prospects converted to new subscribers.

Once they are subscribers who are hooked on your amazing content, you can entice them to upgrade their plan in the future. Silver will build on Bronze but not have quite as much as your Gold plan, which your Gold plan would contain virtually everything you offer on your Uscreen site.

Another popular option is a 2 tier subscription. In this example, Bronze has on-demand content only, and Silver will have on-demand and live streaming. In this scenario, Silver is an upsell for your Bronze subscribers who also want access to your live streaming events.

If you offer content for the general public, but then also offer content for teachers/leaders in your industry, you will likely want to make your smaller audience's subscription private so as to not confuse your end-users. We'll talk about that more in a little bit.

In general, we don't recommend having more than a few tiers otherwise too many offers will overwhelm your users. Keep your offers simple.

How to Set Up Tiered Subscriptions

Now that we've gone over what tiered subscriptions are and how they work on the Uscreen platform at a higher level, let's walk through the steps of setting up your tiered subscriptions.

If You're Brand New to Uscreen

You can set up a Subscription by navigating to Subscriptions, then clicking on Create a Plan.

Fill out the steps and then you can begin assigning content from Content tab to this subscription. You can bulk assign videos per paginated listing.

Or, you can assign videos on an individual basis by clicking Edit next to the video, then Pricing, and selecting the Subscription option(s).

We would recommend you start with your lowest tier first. After you assign all the content you'd like (see above), then you can click the 3 horizontal dots next to your first subscription to Duplicate your subscription. This will copy over all your subscription metadata, assigned content, and set this subscription to private while you change any basics (ie. thumbnail, duration, pricing). Then you can assign additional content to this new subscription. Repeat this process as you'd like to increase tier plans!

You can also assign Collections and Live Events in bulk or individually either of the ways mentioned above on their respective tabs under your Content.

If You've Been Selling on Uscreen for a While

You're already in a great place to take advantage of tiered subscriptions since you have content uploaded.

You can take advantage of either bulk assigning content to a new subscription you make or you can Edit individual videos, collections, or live events to create a new subscription altogether.

Here's a quick gif on assigning videos in bulk based on a paginated list.

And here's how you can assign an individual video to an existing subscription...

Or you can create a new subscription directly from the Video, Collection, or Live Event Edit > Pricing tab

How Subscribers See Tiered Subscription Options

Our high-converting checkout workflow remains the same!

If you offer tiered subscriptions, your current subscribers will see a prompt to upgrade if they do not have access to their subscription to view that content. This is where you'd want to keep subscriptions with truly different content private as opposed to tiered subscriptions. It will help avoid any confusion your users may experience otherwise.

If the subscriber proceeds to click on Upgrade now, they will be presented with the next highest tier closest to their current subscription price that allows them access to that particular content.

Notice that they will be presented with their next charge date in relation to the upgrade based on their current balance. This makes the upgrade process fully transparent and even more enticing to your current subscribers! Once they upgrade, they will be redirected back to the content they were trying to view previously and will have immediate access to the new content in the higher plan to which they've just upgraded.

While subscribers can still change their plans on their dashboard, there is not a listing explaining the differences in the content amount, as this particular view shows. Nothing on the user dashboard changes with the release of tiered subscriptions.


What if I have a subscription associated with my OTT apps for in-app purchases?

We recommend you keep your current website subscription linked to your in-app purchases just the way it is. Your in-app subscription offer should already contain the highest level of access for your subscribers. This will keep everything optimal with the app stores and keep the experience for all of your subscribers ideal.

The Subscription used for your In-App Purchase should be a Top Tier Subscription, with the highest level of access to content.

-If apps are in Development: Create a Private, Top Tier Subscription to use for the In-App Subscription.
-If apps are Live: Change the Subscription used for your apps to Private; do not make any other changes to that subscription. Create a new Subscription/Tiered option for website users/subscribers.

Where is the color on the upgrade page coming from?

By default, the current plan amount color scheme is set based on your theme selection (light or dark), and your suggested/upgrade plan color is inherited from the Primary Color that you have selected on your Common Pages settings. We do not offer direct editing of this page or workflow. It is possible to change the color/styling of this page, however, this is outside the scope of technical support and will require the help of an external developer.

Do tiered subscriptions impact the calculation of MRR?

No! Nothing changes in the way we calculate MRR.

Do tiered subscriptions impact the use of Reduce Churn?

No! Nothing changes in the functionality of Reduce Churn.

Do tiered subscriptions impact the use of Try Again for Free?

No! Nothing changes in the functionality of Try Again for Free.

Do tiered subscriptions impact Coupon Codes?

No! However, please do make sure you understand coupon code limitations once a subscriber changes plans - there is not a way for them to add a new coupon code, so an admin on your team will have to apply the new code manually. This is not a new change, but before you market your new tiers, please do be prepared for this scenario.

Do tiered subscriptions impact Gift Cards?

No! Nothing changes in the functionality of Gift Cards.

I'd love to market my new tiers! How could I do this easily on my Uscreen site?

This is an excellent opportunity to use our beautiful, intuitive Landing Page Builder if you haven't yet! Showcase your new tiers in the most attractive way possible with our high-converting Landing Page Builder -- use existing templates, or make your mix and match blocks to make your own!

I have feedback or requests for additional functionality - where can I share it?

Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Here's how you can submit this feedback directly to our Product Team.

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