Using our Zapier integration, you can connect with a third party payment provider there. See a full list of providers they support:

There are a few downsides to this though. First, you're going to be handling your purchase data outside of Uscreen so you'll miss out on our reporting features. You won't be able to click on a user and see their payment history. You also won't be able to use our marketing features for cancelled subscribers since all subscriptions or purchases are made in your other payment provider.

It's also not quite a seamless experience, it's a bit of a workaround. So you'll need to make sure your payment provider can give you the title of the purchased product in Zapier, otherwise Zapier won't know which product to give access to in Uscreen.

The Uscreen Zapier integration relies on Zapier telling us which product was purchased and then Uscreen grants access.

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