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Can I Use Any Payment Provider with Uscreen?
Can I Use Any Payment Provider with Uscreen?

You can set up a custom payment workflow. However, it has an impact over some features of your Admin Area and how you manage your customers.

Updated over a week ago

Using our Zapier integration or our API you can connect Uscreen with a third-party payment provider. See a full list of providers they support:

If you're using the API, you are a lot less restricted on what you can and can't do, however, you will need to hire a more advanced developer to set things up with API.

What does this mean for you and your customers?

First, you'll be handling your purchase data outside of Uscreen so you'll miss out on our reporting and marketing features. You won't be able to click on a user and see their payment history, track KPIs like MRR, or use our marketing features for canceled subscribers since all subscriptions or purchases are made in your other payment provider.

You need to re-route all purchase CTAs in Uscreen to this third-party payment provider. You can use software like Zapier as an intermediary or hire a web developer to build a custom solution.

When a customer clicks the "Join" or "Get Access" buttons these should all send your customer to the payment provider with the proper purchase item ready to be paid for. Once the purchase is made, the Zapier triggers should be made to create the user back in Uscreen and assign them the appropriate access.

If you're selling subscriptions outside of Uscreen your customers will need to login to this third-party checkout to make cancellations since the subscriptions are completely handled outside of Uscreen.

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