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Testing Payments Before Launch
Testing Payments Before Launch

It's a good idea to test a real transaction in your payment provider just to ensure your payment provider is connected correctly.

Updated over a week ago

Before you launch your Uscreen storefront you'll want to run through a test transaction. You don't want any snags to come up right when you have real customers trying to make purchases.

All payment providers have a test mode, so it's a good idea to double check you're in production mode and make a real purchase.

We recommend creating a video with a one-time purchase price of just $0.50 and purchasing it with a real credit card. You should see yourself created in your Stripe account and see data about the charge. If you're testing with Uscreen Payments or Paypal, you'd have to check the charges on the card you used or PayPal transactions to see the charge.

You can also purchase a subscription and if you have a trial added to the subscription you won't get charged right away, so to make sure you're properly charged, set your subscription at $0.50 and remove the trial to see the charges applied. Just note that we run subscription charges through twice per day, so you may have to wait until the next day to see the charge depending on when you made the purchase. Don't forget to delete the subscription from the user under People to avoid getting charged again at renewal time!

You are free to test any purchase at full price and simply refund the charge but just keep in mind that Payment Provider fees are typically not refundable.

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