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Adding Non-Native Integrations
Adding Non-Native Integrations
Updated over a week ago

While Uscreen offers a ton of awesome native integrations there may be some tools you want to install that we don't appear to support. The good news is that if they give you a code based snippet it's almost certainly possible to install.

First and foremost though, we're going to recommend you get to know Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM is a tool that allows you to install code snippets right into your Uscreen storefront without digging into the code. It also allows you to test out code snippets before making them live. Any snippets you install directly into Uscreen are going to be live as soon as you click save, which probably isnt the best idea. With GTM you'll get a preview mode where you can ensure your newly inserted code works before making it live to your customers.

We've got a great integration with GTM so once you've explored how GTM works have a look.

Now if you really don't want to use GTM, it is possible to add some code snippets directly to the storefront code. You'll find these under Customization where you'll click Advanced > Code Snippets.


Many code snippets will ask you to place the code right in the <head> tag so we've got an option to that here. Additionally, you can add code that only fires on Purchase pages. This is useful for if you want to track certain ad clicks to see if they ended in a purchase. Of course, make sure you check out our native integrations that support the most popular ad services out there.

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