How To Preview Apps
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App Testers:

-If you received an email from the Uscreen App Team, you are an App Tester.

-Follow the steps below to install the test version of the app you're previewing.

How To Test iOS:

Access: Testers receive an email invite from Apple with the Test Code.

To Install:

1: Install Test Flight App on your iOS device, then Sign-In using ANY Apple ID.

2: Open Test Flight Email: click View in Test Flight to get the Test Code.

3: Open Test Flight App: click Redeem, then enter the Test Code.

***To test on multiple devices, install Test Flight & Sign-In using the same Apple ID.

How To Test Android:

Access: Testers receive an email from Uscreen with directions and the Test Link.

To Install:

1: Sign-In to Play Store App on your device using the tester email.

2: Using device, open email and click Test Link.

3: Select Become a Tester >Download on Google Play >Install.

How To Test Roku:

Access: Testers receive an email from Uscreen with the Test Link.

To Install:

-Login to your account on the web (

-Click Test Link. Next, click OK, then Yes, Add Channel.

-Open Device. If you don't see it, click Settings >System >System Update >Check Now

How to Test Fire TV:

Access: Testers receive an email invite from Amazon with the Test Link.

  • Open Invite and access Link using computer, not a mobile device.

  • If test invite sent to email not used for Fire TV, select Switch Accounts & Sign-In to Amazon Account linked to device.

To Install:

1: Using computer, open email. Click link to Choose a Marketplace.

2: Sign-In or Switch Accounts (use Amazon Account linked to device)

3: Appstore opens: You'll see Deliver To. Select device, then Get App.

4: Using Fire TV Device, select >Settings >My Account >Sync Amazon Content.

5: You'll see app on Home Screen (give it up to 1 hour to sync).

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