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If you would like to disable the autoplay option on the video player, here's how you can do this with javascript in the Code Editor. This will apply to all videos and collections on your site. If you'd like to submit feedback on autoplay, you may send that feedback directly to our Product Team so they can review it.

This advanced tutorial is for Web Developers or users who are familiar with the programming languages aforementioned. We provide this for educational purposes. It presents a general approach as well as a suggested solution to change the text on the Common Pages. If you aren't proficient with liquid or javascript, please do not try this and hire a Web Developer for Advance Custom Changes instead.

Before you change code, always make a backup of your site.

Navigate to the Code Editor.

Then select your theme.liquid file.

Locate the <head></head> section.

Directly below the </head> tag, paste the following javascript code:

window.localStorage.setItem('AUTOPLAY', false)

The <body> tag should still be directly below the javascript. Then click Save Changes.

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