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Subscription Upsell

Provide a discount to a higher level plan at the end of the checkout workflow

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Subscription upsells are the perfect way to entice a subscriber to purchase an annual plan during the checkout process, which will then increase your LTV (Lifetime value) of a subscriber.

This is why we recommend you upsell to a Yearly subscription plan from a Monthly subscription. You'll collect more money upfront and you're less likely to see churn as quickly as a monthly subscription. See how many of our clients have effortlessly multiplied their revenue up to 6x (or 550%+) just by using Subscription Upsells.

Setting up a Subscription Upsell Automation

To set up a Subscription Upsell automation, navigate to your Marketing tab, then select Subscription Upsell.

You'll be presented with a prompt to create a New Automation.

Follow the Steps outlined on the New Automation form.

Step 1 - Choose which Subscription plan you want to offer an upsell on. This is where we recommend a Monthly plan.

Step 2 - Choose which Subscription plan you want to promote as the upsell. This is where we recommend a Yearly plan.

Step 3 - Fill out a description and provide an enticing discount offer. By default, the image for this section will populate based on your image for the chosen upsell Subscription. However, if you don't have an image set for that Subscription, or would like to change the image that is displayed in this upsell popup, you can change this image.

Then, you can preview what your upsell popup will look like to users by clicking on Preview Popup.

Next, click Save.

After you launch your Subscription Upsell automation, you can convert it to a draft if you decide you no longer want it active by selecting the 3 horizontal dots next to the automation, then click on Convert to draft. You can also delete the automation here as well.

On this page you can also see stats on how many users have enrolled in the automation and accepted or declined the offer:

How Your Users See Subscription Upsell Offers

Your users will see the automation you've created if they click on the subscription you set in Step 1. From there, they will follow the checkout workflow as normal, which entails setting up account information (if the user is not already signed into an active account), and then proceeding to enter payment information.

Once the user clicks on Complete after entering their payment information, the Subscription Upsell popup will appear with a last-minute discount on the subscription you set in Step 2.

If the user clicks on No thanks, the popup will go away and there will be a few seconds of delay. The payment will process and the subscriber will be redirected back to the content they originally selected within about 5 seconds.

If the user clicks on Accept Offer, the new value will be processed on their payment method, and then they will be directed back to the content they originally selected within about 5 seconds.


Does this work on apps like iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, etc.?

At this time, this marketing feature is available on the web only. Please do let our Product Team know that you would like to see this feature available for the apps and they will review your request in consideration for future development efforts.

I have feedback or requests for additional functionality - where can I share it?

Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Here's how you can submit this feedback directly to our Product Team.

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