Continue Watching Videos

Users can resume watching a video and see their recent history of video and collection views

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Whenever a user starts watching a video or a collection, a new category will appear above all other categories on your catalog. The Continue Watching is the first category that will appear for the user on your catalog page if they have already watched some content. Continue Watching also works as a recently played category. Even when a user has finished watching a video, the video will still display in that category, so the user will know what they have watched already.

Continue Watching is enabled by default on your Customization tab. Just click on the Customize button to view your options. You can opt to turn this off by removing the checkmark next to this option and clicking Save.

Continue Watching

Continue Watching displays the last 21 videos a user has viewed for 10 seconds or longer and allows users to resume watching where they have left off when they have started watching either a video or collection. A bar indicator will appear at the bottom of the thumbnails in the Continue Watching category to indicate how much has been viewed. This bar color is inherited from the primary color you have selected for your site.

NOTE: At this time, this data is not downloadable or exportable. We do hope to offer more data in the future. If you'd like to see this data exportable, please do let our Product Team know.

When a user views a video in a collection, the entire collection will appear under the Continue Watching category and will have the title of the collection and not the video watched.

Continue Watching is available for iOS and Android apps starting with v3.1—which means that if your app was updated after May 1, 2021, then your app will allow users to continue watching their videos from where they left it off.

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