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Google Pay will now appear as an option at checkout

Updated over a week ago

Google Pay allows users to make payments on your site using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account. It is an additional payment gateway that works with Stripe.

If you have Stripe connected, Google Pay will automatically be incorporated into your checkout process. When your users use Google Chrome 61, or a newer version, and have a saved payment card to their Google Account, the Google Pay option will appear at checkout.

When users go through the checkout process, instead of just having to use their credit or debit card, they will see the Google Pay button next to the Paypal button—if you have Paypal connected—and above the Billing Details.

Payments made with Google Pay will be paid out through Stripe in the same way as credit card payments. Having Google Pay will only make it easier for your users to subscribe or purchase content access with one simple click.

NOTE: Currently, Google Pay is only supported for the web version. Google Pay is not an option during the signup process in apps.

The Google Pay button will only appear as an option if you do not have a trial period in your subscription plans. If your subscription has a trial period, please consider that payment providers have a minimum payment requirement of $0.50 and trials are free.

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