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How to Update Apps on your Device
Updated over a week ago
  • Let your users know what to expect and how to update their app.

  • You can use Push Notifications or send an email (>Invoices >Filter by Origin).

1: Update App

  • All users will need update the app on their device to the new version.

  • Most devices automatically update, but you can also manually update apps.

  • If a user does not have a subscription, they will need to create an account and purchase access in the apps.

Check Subscription:

-Android: Play Store >Subscriptions

-iOS: Settings >Apple ID Subscriptions

-Website: Check access for user

Check User Account in your Dashboard:

-If User has an Account & Active Subscription: Sign-In

-If No Account & Subscription purchased in Android/iOS: Restore Purchase

Manually Update App:

-Android: Play Store >Menu >My Apps

-iOS: App Store >Search by Name

2: Sign-In & Access Content

If you have a subscription, Sign-In to Your Account:

-Welcome Screen: >Already a Subscriber >Sign In

-Home Page: >User Icon >Sign In to Your Account

If a user does not remember their login:

-Tap Forgot Password? >Enter email >Send Instructions

-If correct: Check your Mailbox. Reset password, then Sign-In.

-If incorrect: We can't find this email. Enter emails until you find correct one.

**Welcome Email/Invite sent to users includes a temporary password, which works on the website. To login to all apps, users should reset password.

: Home Page (click to replay)

Welcome Screen (click to replay)

Restore Purchase:

Refers to users who purchased a subscription on their Android or iOS Device.

Restore Purchase should be used if:

-User purchased subscription but did Not Create an Account.

-Apps updated as part of a Migration & users need to reactivate subscription.

Restore Purchase should NOT be used if:

-User has an Account & Subscription.

-If used, it will create issues (server error message; no option to sign-in).


From Welcome Screen:

>Already a Subscriber

>Restore Purchase

From Home Page:

>User Icon

>Scroll down & tap Billing

>Already a Subscriber

>Restore Purchase

For the User:

-Activates subscription.

-User should Create an Account so they can sign-in on any platform.

In your Admin Dashboard, you will see Unregistered User Profiles:

Simplified Subscriptions allow users to make a purchase without creating an account, which reduces friction during checkout. This has always been available in iOS and was added to Android. Previously, the user was not immediately added in your Dashboard, but we've changed that with Unregistered User Profiles.

For Users who Did Not Create an Account:

  • Existing: After they Restore Purchase, a Temporary Profile is created in your Dashboard.

  • New: After they Subscribe, a Temporary Profile is created in your Dashboard.

  • This allows you to view the user's payment, activity, and invoices.

  • If/When the user creates an account, their name and email are automatically updated in your dashboard.

Unregistered user #7083740 
Unregistered user #7082108 
Unregistered user #7081761 
July 18, 2021 
July 18, 2021 
July 18, 2021 



If there's no option to Sign-In

-Delete/Reinstall app, then Sign-In

If Downloaded videos disappeared

-Re-download videos

If User has an Account and uses Restore Purchase instead of Sign-In:

-Receive Server Error Message

-Only option is Create New Account

-Delete, then Reinstall app

-Sign-In to your Account

After updating to the new version, user opens app and there's:

-No option to Sign-In/Restore Purchase

-Server/Subscription error message

If User has an Account/Subscription:

Delete, Reinstall app, then Sign-In.

If NO Account: Create a New Account.

Invalid Login Credentials Message

If user has an active account, they should reset password on the website.

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