With the Simplified Subscriptions mobile apps feature, Android & iOS users are no longer required to create an account to subscribe to your content. They will simply click Get Access on a subscription and the purchase confirmation screen will appear where they can complete their purchase.

Like the example below, when a user tries to get access, they can simply click on Continue to Checkout, pay for the subscription, and then receive access to your content.

When users skip the account creation process on the mobile apps, they become Unregistered Users. Simplified Subscriptions allow users to make a purchase without creating an account, which reduces friction during checkout.

This feature was released to comply with app store guidelines.

However, when users skip the signup process, they cannot access your content on other devices. So you could still encourage your users to create an account so they can watch your content anywhere they want to.

View Unregistered Users' Profiles

On your Admin Dashboard, navigate to the People tab, and under the second People tab, search for Unregistered. You will see all of those users and have individual records of the user's payments, activity, and invoices.

Later on, if a user creates an account via the Restore Subscription functionality, their name and email are automatically updated in your dashboard.

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