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Concurrent Session Limitations

Learn how Uscreen's simultaneous logins work for your users

Updated over a week ago

Uscreen has implemented concurrent login limitations based on the IP Address instead of the number of devices associated with the account. Up to five concurrent streams are allowed for each user account at any time (this does not currently include OTT app sessions).

Imagine your user has six different devices logged in simultaneously at home, then they won't have any issues because all six are under one IP Address, their household's network.

However, if the user has five different devices logged in simultaneously at work, while they are on the train, at their friend's house, at home, and at the cafe, when they try to access it on a sixth location, the user won't be able to connect. The system will only allow up to five different networks to be connected by default.

If you would like to decrease the number of concurrent logins, we could reduce it to three simultaneous logins instead of five. Simply reach out to our support team and request to have a limit for three concurrent IP Address sessions for your site.

If you would like to increase it to more than five concurrent logins or decrease it to any other number of logins besides three, we encourage you to create a feature request so we can understand how this change could help you and your users.

End-users who exceed the IP session limit will see the following error on the web application:

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