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Authenticate your Domain Name to Send Emails with a Custom Email Address
Authenticate your Domain Name to Send Emails with a Custom Email Address

Follow these steps to have your email verified so email providers view it as safe

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Using custom email domains sometimes means being blocked and spammed by email providers because they aren't authenticated or verified. With the Marketing Email Settings feature, you can now use the default Uscreen email domain or create a custom email domain that is verified and deemed safe by email providers.

So whenever you want to send an email from your site, all of the emails will be sent using the verified email domain to help your users get all the information you send their way. When you send a welcome email, an order confirmation email, a marketing email, etc., all of your users will receive it from this verified email address.

To customize the email domain, navigate to the Settings tab and click on Marketing Email Settings.

When on the Marketing Email Settings page, on the From name field, add the name that you would like the system to use to send email under. On the from email field, you can either keep the default Uscreen email or customize it.

Customize Your Email Domain

Select Set Custom Email Domain.

In Step 1, add the email domain of your preference and click Connect.

In Step 2, you will be asked to Install DNS Records. To do this, you will need to navigate to your DNS provider. Most of the time it is either your web hosting provider or your domain registrar

Once on your DNS provider, go to your DNS Manager and copy and paste the three DNS records that appear on step 2. Below is an example of the records pasted in Namecheap.

After adding those DNS records into your DNS Manager, return to Uscreen and go to Step 3. In this step, toggle the option I've added all records and click Verify.

When your email domain is verified, you will see the DNS status as Verified (in green). Once everything is set, simply click on Save.

NOTE: DNS records’ updates can take up to 48 hours, so if the records are not yet propagated, you might get an error message and a warning telling you to wait until it is propagated. You could check back later to see if it has been verified and is good to go.

For some DNS providers, the CNAME may ask to be written differently. If your domain is not verified after those 48 hours, try to add the DNS records as shown here:

NOTE: You can use a tool like to check the propagation status of your domain name. You need to enter the subdomain you want to look up (i.e., select CNAME, and click on the Search button.

Email Inbox

Please note that Uscreen does not provide email inboxes. We only send outbound emails. We recommend that you set up an email that already has an email inbox set up with a third-party provider such as Google or Zoho, etc.

We recommend using Google Workspace if you do not already have an email inbox.

Note: Our support team is unable to provide assistance with your Google Workspace. Please contact Google for any questions pertaining to a Google Workspace.

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