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How to broadcast using a service that runs off XML
How to broadcast using a service that runs off XML

How to broadcast using a service that runs off XML

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A live event can be broadcast using a service that runs off an XML file.

Note: you will need a switcher with an integrated control panel to broadcast. In this example, I will be going over the settings for ATEM Mini Pro.

To get started, you'll need a streaming.xml file. To locate your streaming.xml on Windows, go C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic ATEM Switchers\ATEM Software Control. For macOS, open Finder, then go to /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers.

If you can't find the file or don't have it, you must create the streaming.xml file. Once you've located the file, use a code or text editor to open the file. We recommend copying everything from the start to the end <service> tag and copying it below the last one.

Change the Service Name to Uscreen or another name of your choosing. Leave the server name to Default, and paste your RMTP URL within the <URL> tags.

Tweak the streaming settings so that it is the same as our recommended settings for streaming. See our Live Events Overview guide for more information.

Save the file after making changes. Make sure to save them to the exact location and with the name as before. If you get an error regarding permission, try saving it again as sudo.

Go to the ATEM Software Control board to quit and restart. Once it is up and running, go to:

  1. Output

  2. Live Stream

  3. Select Uscreen Live in the dropdown

  4. Copy and paste your Stream key into the Key area

  5. Select a quality

  6. Hit On Air, and you should be streaming

NOTE: the streaming.xml file must be in the correct destination, with a valid name.

Go to File > Saved As. Now you will be able to see all the settings within your ATEM Mini Pro.

Press File and "Save as" in the ATEM software control, and now, if you open up the file, you can see all of the settings for your ATEM if you scroll to the bottom of that file.

If you require additional assistance, we'd recommend consulting with your streaming device manufacturer.

We've included an XML file that you can download and use with your ATEM device

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