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Go Live from Mobile (beta)
Go Live from Mobile (beta)
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Live events are a great way to engage your audience and foster real-time connections with your members. Uscreen now makes hosting your live events more convenient, by streaming from you mobile device! That's right! You can now stream, or Go Live from Mobile, directly from your app, using your phone's camera.

Go Live From Mobile Beta

Go Live From Mobile is in beta! This means the it is an early-release feature. You may optionally enable it. Right now, there are limited capabilities. Some capabilities will change. Uscreen plans to improve it further. But we also want to give you early access, as soon as possible, since we know you, and your audience, will benefit from this now. Beta also means we want your feedback! So please share feedback in a feature request or with your friendly Customer Manager.

How to enable Go Live From Mobile

  • This is an optional feature! The choice is yours!

  • Select "Try this feature" to enable

  • Ensure you mobile app is on version 3.14 (or later) released in September 2023. Request an app update if needed.

  • You may disable this feature on this page, at any time

Starting a Live Stream on Mobile

  • Ensure your mobile app is on version 3.14 (or later) released in September 2023

  • Visit Account

  • Select Go Live

  • Only admins sees this option. Your mobile audience do not see this option and can not go live.

  • Select one of your preexisting live events

  • "Go Live" when you are ready

  • Uscreen automatically starts the event and streams your camera

  • Flip the camera, as needed

  • Mute, as needed

  • End Stream when you are finished with your event.

Current Limitations

  • Go Live from Mobile required mobile app is on version 3.14 (or later) released in September 2023.

  • Be sure to create your live events in Uscreen Admin area.

  • You must select a preexisting live event

  • Go Live from Mobile is only vertical orientation. You can not rotate.

  • Chat is not visible, and you can not type to your audience. This is planned in late 2023.

Other notes

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