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Calendar Progress Tracking (beta)
Calendar Progress Tracking (beta)
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Calendar empowers you, and your audience, to see a predefined schedule of videos, from the convenience the mobile apps or website. Calendar is a great way to keep your members engaged. It encourages them to return to see your latest and greatest scheduled content.

As another option to engage, your members can track their progress of "completed" videos.

Specifically, members can "complete" videos, when they watch them from the calendar. They will see a satisfying check ✅ when they watch the entire video, or manually press the "complete" button.

This helps your members track progress, show positive momentum, and build healthy habits... all while engaging with your video content, and coming back for more!

Calendar Progress Tracking notes:

  • Tracking progress is available on Mobile Apps version 3.15 or later, released November 2023

  • Tracking progress is still a new beta. We plan further improvements. Please share your feedback!

  • Here are more details about the overall Calendar feature

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