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Calendar for Web, Mobile Apps, Roku
Calendar for Web, Mobile Apps, Roku
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We want to empower you, and your mobile audience, to see a predefined schedule of videos, and live events, right in the iOS mobile, Android mobile, web browser, and Roku!

This is a great way to keep your audience engaged. It will encourage your audience to return to see your latest and greatest scheduled content. It will also help your audience understand what to watch, and when, especially if you have a very large catalog or members who do not know where to start.

This a great tool for fitness, learning, and entertainment scheduling! Our Calendar feature is only available on our Plus Plan.

Enable Calendar

Note: Calendar is only available on our Plus plan.

  • Calendar is an optional feature! The choice is yours!

  • Select the Disabled / Enabled option

  • Save

Note for Web Calendar

  • Please review your website navigation

  • You may need to add the Calendar page to your navigation

    • Go to Website > Click the 3 dot menu > Click Navigation and add the Calendar Page to your Main or Footer navigation menu.

Note for Mobile Calendar

  • Calendar on the mobile apps requires version 3.11 released in April 2023. Request an app update if needed

  • In order for your audience to see the Mobile calendar, they will need to make sure they are on the latest version of the app, once you have updated to 3.11 or later. They will need to update their app through the app store.

  • The Calendar tab will show or hide in your mobile apps (on the next app launch)

  • User videos syncing across platforms are coming soon! User videos are available locally, on that device, right now, like playlists. They will start syncing in mid-Sept.

  • Calendar syncing between mobile and web requires version 3.14 of the mobile app. You can request an app update here.

Note for Roku Calendar

  • The most recent Roku Calendar functionality requires version 3.11 released November 2023. Request an app update if needed

  • In order for your audience to see the Roku calendar, and add videos to their calendar, they will need to make sure they are on the latest version of the Roku app, once you have updated to 3.11 or later. They will need to update their app through the Roku app store, and should happen automatically

Create a calendar schedule

You can create a basic schedule of videos. Your mobile audience will see this schedule on their calendar, in their mobile apps. Changes that you make in the calendar appear on the mobile device upon the next app launch.

  • Select a day, or "Add to Calendar"

  • Search or select the desired video

  • Save

A few notes:

  • You can add 1 or multiple videos to the calendar

  • Live events automatically display on the calendar, since live events are always associated with a date and time.

  • Videos scheduled for future publication automatically show on the calendar.

  • Videos scheduled for future publication do not appear in the catalog. Only on the calendar or via direct link.

  • You can not add Collections to the calendar.

  • You can not drag and drop videos to order them on a day. But videos appear in the order that you add them.

Content Organization on the Calendar

Content is organized on the calendar automatically for you! Here is the order of how content appears on the calendar for any specific date.

Highest to Lowest Priority:

The following is the priority level for different content types on the calendar.

  1. Ongoing live events: These will have the highest priority and will be given the highest priority.

  2. Scheduled videos and live events: Any scheduled videos or live events will be the next priority and will be sorted according to their scheduled time.

  3. User-added content: Content that your end-users add to their calendar will be the next priority.

  4. Regular videos: Regular videos that you, the admin, have added to the calendar will be the next priority. These videos will be organized based on the order they were added to the calendar, with the first video added to a specific date taking the highest priority.

  5. Completed videos: Videos that your end-users have marked as completed will be the last priority.

Users can create personal calendars

Yes! That's right. Your audience member users can create their own calendar schedules. This is a great tool to empower your audience to create their own fitness routines, learning schedules, or entertainment schedules, specific to their needs.

Your users will always see the calendar that you define. And they will also see any videos that they add to their own calendar. Their calendar syncs between the web and mobile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the calendar sync with 3rd party calendars such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar?

A: No. The Calendar feature does not sync with or export to 3rd party calendars. However, your end users can add individual videos or live events to their 3rd party calendars by going to the individual piece of content and clicking on Add to Calendar on the web. On mobile apps, you can't add content to 3rd party calendars.

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