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How to Manage and Monitor Your Email Spam Rate
How to Manage and Monitor Your Email Spam Rate

Spam rates can impact your ability to send emails from Uscreen. Learn about managing your spam rate.

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As of April 2024, Gmail and Yahoo have implemented new requirements to enhance email deliverability, emphasizing your need to maintain a spam rate below 0.1%. It is necessary to monitor your email campaigns to ensure they meet these standards, especially for team members who are responsible for email outreach.

Understanding the New Spam Rate Requirements

  • Spam Rate Limit: Both Gmail and Yahoo now require that the spam rate for emails need to be less than 0.1%. This means that fewer than 0.1% of your emails sent to users of these services should be marked as spam.

  • Display of Spam Rate: We now display your spam rate on the Marketing Email Settings page within the last 30 days, excluding those sent to Gmail accounts due to Gmail’s privacy policies.

Steps to Monitor and Improve Email Deliverability

  1. Regular Monitoring of Spam Rate:

    • Check the spam rate regularly on the Marketing Email Settings page.

    • Ensure that the rate stays below the 0.1% threshold to avoid deliverability issues.

  2. Registering Your Domain with Google Postmaster Tools:

    • Since Gmail does not provide spam rate data to email providers, it’s crucial to separately track your performance on Gmail.

    • Register your domain with Google Postmaster Tools by following these steps:

      1. Visit the Google Postmaster Tools site.

      2. Sign in with your administrative Google account.

      3. Add and verify your domain to start monitoring the spam and other important metrics.

  3. Actionable Tips for Reducing Spam Rates:

    • Improve Email Content: Ensure your emails provide value and relevance to your audience. Avoid overly salty language that could trigger spam filters.

    • Optimize Sending Frequency: Sending too many emails can annoy recipients and lead to higher spam rates. Find a balanced frequency that keeps your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

    • Clean Your Email List Regularly: Remove inactive subscribers who do not engage with your emails, as continued sending to these addresses can harm your reputation and increase spam rates.

Important Note:

Uscreen cannot be held responsible for any issues related to the spam rate of your emails. It is your responsibility to take necessary measures to ensure that your email lists are up to date and your recipients have willingly opted to receive emails from you. Please note that our support team cannot assist with improving your spam rates, nor can we help you if your email account gets blocked due to spamming. Therefore, please make sure to comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations to avoid any issues.

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