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Confirming Domain Ownership

Learn about confirming your domain ownership for migrating to our upgraded Servers

Updated over a week ago

In 2023, we upgraded our load-balancing servers to utilize Google Cloud Services. This results in a more reliable and faster experience for your web pages and catalog.

This article will cover the process of confirming your domain ownership to migrate to our new and improved servers without any downtime for your customers.

Why do I need to migrate servers?

Our new servers are more secure, reliable, and efficient. This will result in less downtime for your site and protect it from attacks such as DDoS. We require all of our customers to migrate their sites to our newer servers for improved performance and protection.

How do you know if you need to migrate to our new servers?

You'll know that you need to migrate if you see a banner message on your dashboard prompting you to begin the process. That banner is a blue banner with the following text

"Hi there, Please confirm your domain ownership in order to migrate to our faster servers without any downtime for your customers!"

If you do not have the banner mentioned above, you do not need to confirm your domain.

What does this process entail?

This is a pretty standard process that entails adding a DNS record inside of your domain's DNS settings.

You will create a DNS Record with the following details:




_acme-challenge.subdomain (or just use _acme-challenge if you do not use a subdomain in Uscreen)


See Your Unique Value Provided Like the Example Below


60 (Your DNS manager may not allow you to set TTL. That is OK)

After you have created the record, it may take several hours for your DNS changes to propagate, this is normal and this time is not controlled by Uscreen, but rather your DNS Provider. Please be patient with this step.

You can periodically try the "Validate" button until your confirmation is successful. As always with any DNS changes, it takes time and we recommend you double and triple check your records to make sure there are no mistakes or typos.

Once your domain is confirmed, you can move to the next step, creating a CNAME and an A Record.

What if I don't manage my DNS?

If you do not manage your DNS records we recommend connecting with the teammate who does. You should work with them on creating the necessary DNS records.

Can Support Help Me?

Our support team can help, though please do know that our team is unable to access your DNS settings for you. We also cannot speed up the process. Rest assured that your site will not experience downtime during this process, but that it will take hours to complete.

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