Can I Use CloudFlare With Uscreen?

Using CloudFlare with Uscreen

Updated over a week ago

The answer is yes and no.

CloudFlare is NOT compatible with Uscreen sites when utilizing CDN proxy status. Simply put, CloudFlare's CDN will interfere with our own CDNs and cause issues for your video playback and website functionality.

You'll want to transfer your domain to another registrar to use with Uscreen without issues.

However, CloudFlare IS compatible with Uscreen sites when you're simply utilizing DNS-only proxy status. You can use subdomains on Cloudflare if you choose the option DNS only in the Proxy status field:

To create a subdomain, in the DNS tab, you add a CNAME record with the name of your desired subdomain, pointing to

NOTE: We urge you to refrain from using CloudFlare for your Uscreen domain as it may lead to issues and conflicts with our CDN network. These problems can have negative effects on your storefront and videos.

In case you are currently using CloudFlare, we suggest that you choose the DNS-only method, transfer your domain's nameservers back to your original domain registrar for DNS hosting, or transfer the domain to another registrar if CloudFlare was your original registrar.

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