What Are Collections?
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Collections allow you to group and sell videos as a series—you can group them either because they have the same subject or because they need to be watched in a specific order. Depending on your content, this could be a TV series or an instructional series, or something like a 10-day yoga course.

Within a collection, you can add sections to segment your content: we call these dividers. Let's use an example for this; say I'm offering a course on Gardening, here's what that would look like:

Intro to Gardening (Divider)

  • How to Start Your Own Garden

Preparing the Soil (Divider)

  • Soil Talk

  • How to Treat Your Soil

Seeds and Seasons (Divider)

  • Know Your Area & Understand Each Season

  • The Best Seeds for Each Season (Flowers/Veggies)

Watering Frequency (Divider)

  • Know When to Water

Indoors vs. Outdoors (Divider)

  • How to Treat Your Different Gardens

Final Tips & Tricks (Divider)

  • Garden On!

I have 8 videos, and they are sectioned into 6 dividers which gives some organization and order to my course.

Now, if you're wondering what the difference between categories and collections is, categories are essentially like genres for your content—a collection will belong to a category. If you've got a fitness channel, you might organize your videos in categories like lifting, cardio, or nutrition. If you want to know more about categories, you can read our article!

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