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What Are Resources?
Updated over a week ago

What are Resources?

Resources are additional files that you want to attach to your videos or collections and make available to your members to download. These can be PDFs, Slide Decks, .PNG, or other image files, etc.

That's where resources come into play! You can upload your files directly to Uscreen and attach them to your videos or collections.

Resources can be uploaded and managed under the Content tab, under Resources. These items can be associated with specific videos or collections after you've uploaded them here.

Navigate to Content. Click on Resources and drag and drop your files over (you can do multiple files at a time), or click on Browse and select your files, and they'll be added to your Extras library.

Add Resources to a Video

Go to Content > Videos > Edit the video you want to add a resource to, and scroll down to the resources section inside of the editor.

Select the resource you wish to attach. Press save.

Once extras have been assigned to a video, collection, or live event, they will be visible to customers under the Resources tab on the relevant page. From there, they can download all the files you have added.

NOTE: If a person has not signed up under a plan or subscription, they cannot download your files under the Resources tab. Only those with access to content can have access to your files.

Add Resources to Collections

Navigate to the collection you want to add extras to under Content > Collections and click Edit. Under the Resources section select the resource(s) you want to add and then Save.

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