OBS Studio is a free open source recording and live streaming software that's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux! It's just one of the tools you might use if you want to create a Live Event in Uscreen.

As far as streaming software goes, it's our number one recommendation for ensuring you get the best quality that your mic and camera can stream into Uscreen.

Think of OBS like a switchboard where you plug in all the mics and cameras you want to use. You get total control over the quality and can switch between video and audio sources like a DJ.

Navigate to Content, then go to Live Events to first create a live event.

If you haven't created a live event before, make sure to follow our help article for a step-by-step explanation.

On the Stream tab, you're going to see a Stream Key. This is needed for OBS to link with Uscreen.

The stream key will have to be uniquely used for each live event. You will have to create a new stream key per live event.


In OBS, navigate to File > Settings and click the Stream tab. Under Service click Show All and then you'll see Uscreen and then you can paste in your Stream Key below.

On the OBS control panel, select Start Streaming


Now Uscreen should be receiving your stream from OBS but before you go live make sure you give your Live Event a test.


Again, under the Stream tab, click on Test Player. If you see video/content from OBS you are ready to go live.


Just note, that you sometimes have to wait a good 30 seconds to see your content.

If ready, click Go Live and your live event has begun!

We highly recommend that you watch this video tutorial before you begin live streaming with Uscreen. This video covers everything from how to setup live streaming, common situations you'll encounter, and our best practices for smooth streaming.

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