Add a Free Trial
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From our data, customers who add a free trial to their subscriptions gain upwards of 20% more revenue!

A free trial is super important, and we're sure nearly every streaming site you've signed up for had a free trial too.

To add a free trial for a subscription:

Navigate to Subscriptions, find the subscription you want to add a trial period to, and click Edit. Then scroll down to the Trial Days section and add the number of days you want to give to new customers as a trial; Save your changes.

NOTE: If a user switches subscriptions, they will not get another free trial. Here are some of the questions you might have concerning the free trial:

  1. If a user switches plans through their dashboard (downgrades or upgrades), will they have another free trial?

  2. If a user cancels, then waits for the cancellation to be processed, and then signs up for the other plan, will they have a free trial?

  3. If you cancel their plan, delete it, and then assign them a new plan, will they have a new trial period?

Regardless of what the user does, they will not receive a new trial period besides the one they already got. If they upgrade or you have assigned them a new plan, they will not get a trial, but they will pay according to the payment schedule for that subscription. However, if users are on a free trial and then switch plans, they will keep the trial they were in, even if the new subscription does not have one. For example, if you have plan A, which has 14 days of trial, but on day 2, the user changes to plan B (that might or not have a trial), they will still have the next 12 days of the free trial. After that trial s over, they will never have a free trial again. Rest assured, your users will never be able to hop from trial to trial to have free access to your content.

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