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Offer private subscription plans for organizations or larger groups

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Depending on what type of content you offer, some people can reach out and ask if you offer group subscriptions. A group subscription is ideal for companies, schools, institutions, clubs, etc. You could set it at the usual price or offer a group discount.

For example, if you offer fitness classes and a company wants to gift wellness and fitness to its employees, then you can offer subscriptions that are tailored for larger groups.

This is our recommended workaround to accommodate "Group Subscriptions".

Sell Group Subscriptions on Your Website

You can provide private subscription plans to organizations so their members can have access to your content without having to pay for it individually. You can create a private subscription for the organization, charge it, then offer coupons to the members so they can access the subscription without being charged. This way, you won't have to create a bundle; you can simply create different plans for each organization.

  1. Create a page where a company can request an organization plan via an online form. What you will need from them is its organization name, contact email, and how many members they want to purchase access for. All of the requests on the form will go to your email where you will have all of the information to create the private subscription plan.

  2. Make sure to add the new page to a navigation menu so people can find it. You can title it "Apply for an Organization Subscription Plan".

  3. From the information provided on the form, you can create a private plan. Make sure to price the subscription according to the number of members they are paying for. If they are paying for 10 members and an individual membership costs $10 a month, you could price the plan at 10 x 10 = $100/mo. You can also set up an annual subscription, depending on how you want to be paid.

    It's also advised that you name the subscription in a way that you know which organization it's for. This way, you can easily check which users belong to which organization. It also means that when the company terminates the subscription with you, all you need to do is delete the private subscription and all users will instantly lose access to the content.

  4. Once you've created a subscription plan, share the URL link to the private subscription with the organization, so they purchase access to it.

  5. Once the organization pays for the plan, create a 100% off coupon code for its members so they can have individual access to the subscription.

    • Title the code by the organization name

    • Make it 100% off

    • Add the relevant private monthly/annual subscription plan

    • Set duration as Forever (this way, they do not need to put card details in at checkout)

    • Limit the number of redemptions to the number of employees the organization paid for

  6. All you do next is share the coupon code and the URL link to the private subscription with the organization, so they can give it to their employees.

When the organization stops its agreement with you, all you need to do is delete the private subscription for that organization, and its members will lose access instantly.

If you'd like to provide feedback directly to our Product Team, please submit a feature request so they can understand how this is important for your business.

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