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When creating coupon codes, only use alphanumeric characters (special characters are not valid). Once the coupon is ready, only two sections can be modified: Redemption limits and Applies to. If you want to learn how to edit a coupon, head over to our Edit a Coupon guide.

Create a Coupon Code

Navigate to Marketing then go to Coupons.

Click on New Coupon to open a new coupon page.

On the new page, title your coupon and choose the Discount amount. You can choose if you want to offer a Fixed amount or a certain Percentage.

Then select what the coupon code can be applied to under the Content section. You can choose from All, Subscriptions, Bundles, to Content.


All generally cover Subscriptions, Bundles, and Content and are only applied to one billing period.


If you want just Subscriptions, then toggle the Subscription option. Under Select Plan, click on Add to plans and toggle what subscriptions would the code work for.

Under Duration, set for how many billing periods this coupon applies to. You can choose from Once, to Forever, or Repeating. If you choose Repeating, add the number of periods the code is for.


If you want it to apply to Bundles, toggle the Bundle option. Click on Select to choose which bundles would the code work for, then click OK.


If you want it to apply to any Content you have published, toggle the Content option. Click on Select to choose what content would the code work for, then click OK.

Redemption Limits

Lastly, if you want to set an expiration date, toggle Set a coupon expiration date and select the date. Then toggle the option Limit the number of users that can redeem this coupon if you want to choose how many people can redeem it. Click on Create to generate the coupon.


  • By default, a coupon code can only be redeemed once per user. Please consider this before running promotional ads encouraging users to apply the same coupon code to multiple transactions, as a given coupon code may only be redeemed once per user.

  • If you want to create a recurring discount (meaning, a discount that applies to more than one billing cycle), you must select the type Subscription when setting up the coupon code and the correct duration for which you wish the discount to be applied correctly, as you cannot edit this once you've finished creating the coupon code.

  • Subscriptions can only have one coupon code applied per user. If you plan to offer future discounts on subscriptions to users who are already subscribed and have already redeemed a coupon code for their subscription, you will have to perform manual steps in the admin area to delete the subscription from the user, re-subscribe the user, change their next payment date, then apply a new coupon code. We advise against this, but if you are considering short-term discounts (e.g. for only 3 billing cycles) with the intention of running a promotion with another coupon code in the future, please be advised this will create extra work for your team to accommodate this. We recommend that you create a long-term coupon code to avoid unnecessary complications.

NOTE: If you need to create a large number of unique coupons (20+), and you are in the Growth or Uscreen Plus plan, our Support team can help you! This article outlines what our team needs to proceed with the request.

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