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Automatically Apply Coupon Code During Checkout via URL
Automatically Apply Coupon Code During Checkout via URL

Make it easier for your customers to take advantage of discounts and buy quickly by having this discount already applied.

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You can make it even simpler for users to redeem their coupon codes by sending the users directly to your checkout via a URK where the discount is already applied. It means your users will not need to through the process of copying the code and applying it at the end.

It is useful if you have a discount on an email campaign or a landing page. For example, if the user is going through an email or one of your pages, and they click on your call to action to subscribe, then they are taken straight to your subscription plan checkout with the coupon applied automatically.

Get Started

To achieve this, you will need to:



Once you have your coupon created and you know your subscription and bundle link, simply add &d=[coupon_code] at the end of the URL ie &d=COUPONCODE

Here is an example of the final URL:

Users who have never created an account will start our two-step checkout process. They will first be required to create an account and then go to the checkout page, and the discount will automatically be applied.

Users who already have an account will need to sign in and will experience the same checkout payment page as the example above.

Please keep in mind that existing users will not be able to use this method to change their subscription plans. They will need to change their plan via their dashboard. Also, if a user has already redeemed this code previously, the user will get a notice that the coupon code is invalid, as coupon codes can only be used once per user account.

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