Gift Subscriptions
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If you want to gift subscriptions to someone, you can create a free subscription coupon to give to them.

Navigate to the Marketing tab

Under the Nurture Audience section, click on Coupons

Click on New Coupon.

You will see this New Coupon page:

First, name the coupon

Set the Discount amount to Percentage and the value to 100%.

When creating the coupon, under the Content section, click on Subscription.

Click on Select Plan's Add to Plans dropdown to choose the subscription you want the coupon to apply to, then select the plan's checkbox.

Click on the Duration's Select dropdown for how many billing periods this coupon applies once redeemed. If you only want the coupon to apply to one billing period, select Once. If you want it to apply for more than one billing cycle, choose the option Multiple Period and add how many billing cycles it would apply to.

Maybe you're gifting it to a family member or a close friend and you want to give them a permanent free subscription. You can set the Duration to Forever. Just make sure you limit the number of redemptions, so it won't be shared beyond your intended recipients.

Lastly, you can toggle the option Set a coupon expiration date checkbox to choose when the coupon expires if unredeemed. Once the checkbox is toggled, click on the empty field next to the calendar icon for the calendar to popup above it and select an expiration date.

You can also toggle the option to Limit the number of users that can redeem this coupon and then add the number of users that can redeem it.

Once done click

And would display in the coupons list as:

You will need to share the coupon code with your users for them to apply it to checkout. During the checkout process, users will use the coupon on the Discount code field and click on Apply.

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