Make a Subscription Free
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You can allow users to have a free subscription through coupons so they can enjoy your content without any costs. Making a free subscription can be helpful if you want to offer it as a gift or if you want to promote some content without asking for payment first. You can create a subscription for users to sample your content instead of just offering a free trial. This way, the user can get to experience your content before committing.

To make a subscription free, navigate to the Marketing tab, and click on Coupons.

First, name the coupon, then set the Discount amount to Percentage and the value to 100%.

When creating the coupon, under the Content section, click on Subscription. Click on Select to choose the subscription you want the coupon to apply to, then click OK.

Then set the Duration for Forever.

Lastly, you can toggle the option Set a coupon expiration date to choose when the coupon expires if unredeemed. You can also toggle the option to Limit the number of users that can redeem this coupon and then add the number of users that can redeem it.

You will need to share the coupon code with your users for them to apply it to checkout. During the checkout process, users will use the coupon on Discount code and click on Apply.

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