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How Customers Redeem Gift Cards
How Customers Redeem Gift Cards
Updated over a week ago

Once a customer buys a gift card, they will receive an email with the Gift Card Code.

The gift card recipient will also receive an email if his details were entered when purchasing the card.

The purchaser can also share the link and code with the person to whom it is intended for. The buyer should not redeem the gift card unless they are the intended recipient.

To redeem the gift card, the customer will:

1. Access the link provided in the email, which will take them to the redemption page. Once on the page, they will need to input the code and click Claim gift card.

2. If they are a new customer on your site, they will need to sign up. However, if they already have an account, they can log in.

3. After signing up or login in, they will be redirected toward your subscriptions or plans page. They will choose a plan and start the checkout process.

4. The gift balance will be applied towards the purchase they selected. If the chosen plan is more expensive than the gift balance, the recipient needs to add their payment info. To purchase, click on Complete.

NOTE: Even if the gifted amount is equal to or greater than the selected plan, Uscreen will still ask for their card information if your plan has a trial period. The customer can ignore the request to add their card info and click on Complete to access your store, or they can insert their billing details knowing that they won't be charged. Either way, the customer will enjoy your content without additional charges.

NOTE: If you have private plans, customers redeeming gift cards won't find those plans unless you make them public.

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