Customers who have a gift card can redeem their code via a special redemption page.

Clicking on the Join Page or Get Access Now button will allow your customers to claim a gift card.

This is a 2 step process.

Step 1

Redeem the code and create an account as demonstrated in this gif below.


The redeemed gift card amount will be added to the customers balance.

Step 2

While logged in, they can go back to the join page or click on content in the catalog (via the 'Get Access Now' button), and select a subscription option. During the checkout, the end-user's gift balance will be applied towards their chosen subscription.

At this time, a credit card is still required to set up a subscription, even though a gift balance will be used initially. The credit card will not be charged until after their gift balance has been used in full and their subscription is set to renew.

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