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What Are Subscriptions?
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Subscription plans allow you to charge your users a recurring fee to have access to your content. You can choose to set a recurring charge for every month, quarter, six months, and year.

When setting up subscription plans, you can choose if your users will have access to the same content for different lengths of time or access to different kinds of content depending on the subscription plan they pay for.

Having multiple plans with varied pricing options helps your users choose what they think is best. Monthly and yearly plans are the most common plans.

You can read more about setting up tiered subscriptions here.

A Couple of Subscription Tips

When titling your subscriptions, just keep in mind how you want them to appear in contrast to your other subscription plans.

Make sure the titles are consistent and easy to understand. Please avoid doing the following:

  • 7-day sub

  • Thirty Day Subscription

  • 3-month plan

Your customers will see all available subscription plans and durations when signing up, so it's important they're coherent, which builds trust with your customers.

You probably want customers purchasing yearly plans, so if you're creating the plan that you want customers to purchase the most, put a little bit of extra flair into the thumbnail and description.

Subscription Thumbnails

We suggest creating custom thumbnails to highlight your preferred subscription plan. In the example below, we added "Best Value" to the Annual Plan, which encourages customers to sign up for this annual plan.

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