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Make a Subscription Plan Private
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Private subscriptions allow you to tailor subscriptions to your audience. Imagine you want to increase a subscription cost; all you have to do is hide the current subscription and create a new public one.

Or what if you would like to offer exclusive content? Add content to a private subscription and share the link with specific users.

Even better, imagine you want to treat a group of long-term users; you can provide your content in a new subscription but lower the price as a reward, then invite them to that subscription.

Making it private will also allow you to discontinue an old subscription rate while still keeping the subscription active for existing subscribers. For example, if you had a monthly subscription of $15 but would like to start charging $25 instead, you can make the $15 subscription private, so no one else joins in, and then create a new high-priced subscription.

Private subscriptions allow you to offer whatever content for whatever price you choose to only a select number of users; those subscriptions will never appear in your Storefront. Users will only need the link to access it if you want to invite a user to be part of it. Existing users within that subscription will continue to have access unless they cancel the plan.

Make a Subscription Private

Navigate to the Subscription tab, click on the three dots and click Edit on the subscription plan you want to make private.

Then scroll down to the Available section and set it to Private. Save your changes.

Next, you can copy the link from the Subscription tab to share it by clicking on the three vertical dots next to the Edit option to the right of the subscription. A dropdown box will appear. Click on Copy link to have your link copied.

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